Tutorial - Making a pleated and laminated collar or ruffle



video in French only

Make a quick and easy finish with a tight or rolled overlock on the edge of the steering wheel or collar.

Use a thread of contrasting colour and preferably metallic polyester foam thread for an even more original finish.

The Japanese brand ©Fujix offers different colours that you can find among others on the website http://mamzellefourmi.com/fil-mousse-uni/5846-fil-mousse-lame-noir-or.html.

The selling price is about 10€ per cone reel of overlock machine.
You have a lot of different colours in silver, gold or copper laminate...
To make this roulotté on a selvedge...you need an overlock machine (or make a very tight zig zag stitch with a regular sewing machine...try it first).
Select 3-wire rolled edge
Put this lamé thread in the upper looper of your overlock machine (use tone-on-tone coloured threads with the garment for the other threads: lower looper and needle)
That's it... Here is something to decorate your creation easily.
Here are other examples of realisation
On a Jasmine sweatshirt steering wheel, for example.


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