Size guide

For babies and children

To make sure you choose the right size for your sewing pattern, check the sizes of you child and compare it to the size guide. For example, if like me you have an Oscar that weighs 4.5 kg at birth, he will directly use 3 months.

Most important measurement is the height. Ikatee generally proposes sewing patterns that fit to age (first check the height and see the matching age) Do

Specificities regarding underwear and swimwear

Underwear and swimwear must be very close to the body (for swimsuit, panties or boxers in particular because they are small parts for which the height is less important than the build and the age of the child ....) it is recommended not to take an age above the real age of the child. For example, as long as a child has not reached 7 years, make small pieces of swimwear and underwear in 6 years. If in doubt, it is better to take the size below than the size above.

How to measure?

1 - Height : you need to stand straight and measure from head to toe

2 - Chest size: use a measuring tape to measure between the shoulder blades in the back and the chest in front

3 - Waist size : measure all around with a measuring tape, at the waistline and above or below the belly button.

4 - Pelvis size : all around the pelvis, where the hips are largest, and around the buttocks.

5 - Head size : measure with tape where the skull is widest.

Newborn and baby

Height (cms/inches)53/2160/2467/2674/2980/3185/33.8
Chest size (cms/inches)40/1643/1746/1849/1950/19.552/20
Waist size (cms/inches)36/1440/1644/1747/1849/1950/19.5
Hip size (cms/inches)36/1440/1644/1748/1952/20.555/21
Head size (cms/inches)41/1643/1745/17.547/18.549/1950/19.5
Weight (kg)45/67/89/101112


For kids aged 10-11-12 years , measurements are different for Boys (B) and Girls (G)

Height (cms/inches)98/38104/41110/43116/46122/48128/50134/53140/56146/58152/60
Chest size (cms/inches)54/2156/2258/2360/2462/24.564/25.266/2668/26,872/28,3



Waist size (cms/inches)50/19.552/2053/20.555/21.556/2257/22.558/22,859/23,2





Hip size (cms/inches)60/2462/24.564/2566/2668/2770/27.572/28,3







Head circumference (cms)50525254545555565657

For women:

The women's patterns are available in sizes 34 to 46 with an average height of 165 cms. For simplicity in size selection, ikatee patterns are created from standard commercial sizes. However, depending on your morphology, you may find some differences with your commercial size. It is recommended that you first take your measurements and choose the most suitable pattern size.

If you hesitate between 2 sizes, it is preferable to choose the larger of the 2.

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