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My courses on sale at Artesane (video course to learn how to create)

Sewing baby clothes and making nice finishes (by Stéphanie Godefroy).

ONLY in French

A complete 5 hour course to learn step by step the essentials and specifics of sewing for babies. The course is also accompanied as an option by 3 PDF patterns that I teach you how to make in video.

Here is a trailer:




The aim of ikatee is to offer you creative ideas, but also technique, tips and methods. So it's quite naturally that I found the young and dynamic Artesane team. Their video courses in the fields of Do It Yourself are very oriented towards sewing, embroidery, knitting and decoration. During the filming of the course, I felt like a fish in water; a studious and laughing atmosphere at the same time, with young professional entrepreneurs and a common desire to transmit in a clear, simple and pedagogical way.

On the occasion of this premiere, I prepared a course on the discovery of sewing for the little ones. After 20 years in the world of children's fashion, it seems obvious to me to start a training course with fundamentals related to the specificities of babies. Many women start sewing as a child or sewing at the birth of their child or when a friend or family member becomes a mother. You don't necessarily know how to do it but you just want to dress them or make gifts: it's so cute and original to have them made yourself and to personalize the clothes you offer.

Making baby clothes is not complicated but can be a bit tricky because the smaller it is, the less practical it is to handle. Babies have morphological specificities to which you have to know how to adapt. Thinking comfort before aesthetics is essential, both in terms of shapes, details and materials. I explain all this in the course of course.

I also propose concrete sewing projects in video to simply make a practical knitwear outfit, a chic blouse for gifts and beautiful occasions and finally a slightly more fashionable and charming outfit for girls and boys. The 3 models are mixed to satisfy all needs and desires.

Find all my advices, learn while having fun and reveal your talents in sewing for babies. The 5-hour course is available at Artesane.


- recognize the particularities of baby sewing: baby's morphology, the shape of the garment, the materials and safety standards
- recognize the different fibres and materials
- Sew three projects: a knitted outfit, a top with a ruffled collar and a ruffled romper suit.
- machine and overlock stitch, apply a ribbed edge
- sewing with a double stitch needle
- make an English seam
- sew a handkerchief hem
- overturn a rolled edge
- cut and bias
- gathers
- create a slide and sew a rubber band
- make a tassel

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