The ikatee Brand

Baby and Children's Sewing Patterns online and in partner haberdashery stores.

An original 100% French creation.

A priority to the beautiful cut and comfort.

Clear and qualitative explanations.

Ikatee's mission 

Ikatee accompanies beginner or experienced seamstresses to express their passion for fashion and the world of children.
With our patterns and tutorials, you can create unique personalized creations. Ikatee, it's fashionable and current children's sewing.

Our Studio - Atelier offers you...

A sewing know-how,

Quality bosses,

Detailed tutorials,

Fashionable and charming ideas,

Regular news,

Simplicity: styles by level,
detailed and illustrated explanations,
quick download of patterns and tutorials to make your life easier.

Our values

Passion: Expressing one's emotions, following one's desires.

Creativity: Innovate, personalize to adapt to needs and desires.

Experimentation: Being an actor. Do it yourself, learn, progress, achieve.

Sharing: Exchange skills. Do-it-yourself is not doing it alone.

Autonomy: Download and create from home, control your consumption.


Why I chose this brand name?  

IKATEE has its origins in my many escapes to Asia and my taste for delicate, modern and timeless graphic prints, the "Ikats". A name that makes us escape. A sparkling name, conducive to developing creativity...that inspires me every day.
Stéphanie Godefroy

Discover our story 

Limitation of use of ikatee patterns

Ikatee is a registered trademark. The patterns of the ©ikatee trademark are limited to private use only. Their commercial or private use is prohibited. Their total or partial reproduction, sale or exchange is prohibited. Commercial use can only be authorised by specific agreement between the ikatee brand and its legal representative.



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