Tutorial - How to make a patch

Let your creativity express itself and make patches applied with scraps of fabric. Applique patches are above all decorative. To make them, follow these steps: For fine fabrics, position a rectangle of fabric backing on double-sided thermo-adhesive paper (check the manufacturer's instructions) on the pre-pasted side. Iron without steam to glue the back of the fabric. View from the right side of the glued fabric. On the reverse side (paper side) draw the outline of the patches. Carefully cut out the patches. Carefully remove the protective film from the paper on the reverse side so that the patches can be glued to the garment for which they are intended. Position the patches according to the markings. Iron the patches that make them stick to the legs. Choose a stitch (tight zig-zag or cover stitch) I advise to make a test on an extra patch to set the stitch and the technique. When the tests are done, start the stitch flush with the patch to strengthen the hold and finish the edges. Lift the presser foot at each corner to reposition the patch and continue carefully. Tip: Take it easy and undo if necessary. Any defect will inevitably be visible because patches are generally contrasting and clearly visible (this is the purpose of a decorative element). So don't hesitate to redo the work.




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