How to download and print an ikatee PDF pattern?

You can already find everything on our tutorial video "Download and print your patterns". As soon as your order is confirmed, you will receive pdf files to download. Select the file in the desired size or age (e), download then save all files on your laptop. Then, on a specific size you want to print, select "100% scale printing"; it is recommended to check that the printing is correct by first editing only the first page and checking that the 3 cm or 1 inch scales on the pattern are printed at the right size (3cm is correct, 3,3cm is not). Start printing on A4 or US letter size paper. Some patterns now offer the A0 format as a multi-size version only. Print in A0, our recommendations In order to make the printing step easier for you and to avoid sticking A4 sheets together...ikatee offers on its latest patterns the pdf format in A0 (the others will be made little by little too...you will receive automatic updates for the patterns already acquired on the site). They are very large sheets with all the pieces printed for all sizes at the same time. We avoid superimposing the pieces in this case to allow you to cut directly if you wish...at the same time, it is always a pity to cut a pattern sheet because you often want to make another size later. In short, we tested for you a printing site for A0 formats http://www.impressionplan.fr . The French site is super easy to use; you download your files and pay with a mail or express delivery, the boards arrive folded in an envelope (we did it with express chronopost and we had it the next day...but in general, it will take 3 days max). The quality of the paper is great and the printing quality is no problem. The price...count 1,19€ in black and white and 2,39€ HT in color per page (dimension 841 x 1189 or about 1m2) except delivery costs. We highly recommend this site! Assemble the pages according to the diagram indicated on the first page edited (in the order A, B, etc) by making the black diamond-shaped markers coincide (edge to edge). The printing margins around each sheet (printing frame) are to be cut or folded. Use adhesive tape to attach the pages and pattern pieces to each other. Cut out the contours of the pieces along the cutting lines. Check with the diagram on the pattern and the tutorial for each pattern (example below) that you have all the pieces and their indications. (here example in A4 format)

For more information, please find our VIDEO Tutorial. download and print your patterns 

If any problem in downloading, please switch to another browser Safari, Google Chrome or Firefox and download again. 

How to purchase ?

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  2. Validate your basket and create a customer account if you do not already have one to find your pre-filled details the next time.

  3. Make the payment by credit card or bank transfer (NO paypal anylonger due to huge fees). For bank transfer, it takes some days but if you send us your bank transfer proof, we will confirm order before our bank confirmation; otherwise we will wait until our bank confirmation to send you files.

  4. Receive your order (download patterns & tutorials in PDF or delivery of fabrics)

For the delivery of digital products, we indicate the download link after payment, and we also send you an email separately. If you have any concerns, please contact us at contact@ikatee.fr

Ikatee has decided not to limit the downloading of PDF files anymore in order to simplify your life (we used to limit the download time to 2 weeks). For those who have lost the links after a computer bug for example, just ask for the links again by putting your email address (the one you used when you bought them) at https://transactions.sendowl.com/order_recoveries/new?merchant_id=22266.
Attention, you will receive ALL your download emails again.

The limitation of the number of downloads to 5 remains valid.

PS: thank you for not sharing the ikatee patterns which are for family and personal use only. Support the work of independent designers!

Can ikatee patterns be used for commercial use?

No. Ikatee is a registered trademark. The ©ikatee trademark patterns are limited to private use only. Their commercial or private use is prohibited. Their total or partial reproduction, sale or exchange is prohibited. No commercial use is granted and there is no specific licence or agreement for the ikatee brand and its legal representative. You can not use our patterns to sell finished goods!

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