Tutorial - Assemble a bias binding

The bias binding makes it possible to achieve neat edged finishes.

You can be purchased ready to use in a pre-folded version or in the fabric of your choice. Find the tutorial Making a bias

 the following steps:

1-Unfold one side of the pre-folded bias. Position the edge of the edge of the work to be edged, right against right. Pin or build.
2-Stitch into the hollow/fold of the pre-folded bias or 0.5 cm from the edge of a non-pre-folded bias.
3-Turn the bias over once on the reverse side of the work, straddling the edge of the piece. Then enter the seam allowance of 0.5cm and pin.
4-Tuck in the ends before folding and finish pinning.
5-Close on the reverse side of the work with slide stitches (Make slide stitches).
6-Or close by over-stitching the bias flush with its edge.



Some specifics:
Assemble a bias binding at angles:
Open the bias by unfolding it.

Position along the edge of the fabric, right side against right side.

Mark the edge of the bias at the corner and continue to place the bias by marking the desired angle. Finish the entire desired length and pin as you go.

Stitch on the hollow or inner fold of the bias.

Fold the bias inwards (upside down), straddling the edge of the fabric and mark a tuck in.

Mark the corner with a fingernail and pin the folded bias all the way round.

Topstitch the bias or make sliding stitches on the inside for almost invisible seams.

Assemble a bias binding at curves: The bias itself has a certain stretchability. This makes it easier to lay it on a curve. Simply gently stretch the tape as you position it. Then follow the "classic" installation steps.

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