Make your own make-up remover wipes

We explain in detail and in video (video at the bottom of the page).

Nothing could be simpler and greener than making your own wipes to clean your face or remove your make-up!

It's an eco-friendly gesture; we use scraps of fabric and we can do without disposable cotton discs.

The reusable wipes are very easy to make; it's a perfect seam for beginners.

2 sewing options.

- a single square of about 12x12cm (but you can make it smaller or bigger depending on the use...6x6 for a simple eye make-up removal or targeted areas, 12x12 for a wipe that will clean or remove make-up from the whole face, it can be even bigger if you want to make wipes to clean baby's bottom! This square is preferably made of a slightly thick sponge and is simply rolled on all 4 sides. With a conventional sewing machine, the use of a high but rather tight zig zag stitch is then recommended. The threads are pulled into the zigzag stitch lines with a needle. With an overlock machine, it's super fast; you overlock all 4 sides and pull the threads at the end into the seams.

- a square with 2 sides, so 2 squares joined the dimensions mentioned above but you will have to think of adding about 1cm for the seam values. So you have to cut 2 squares of 13x13cm to obtain a wipe of 12x12cm, etc...

The materials :

One side in bamboo sponge (thin or thicker at your choice) or honeycomb. Bamboo sponge is super soft, very absorbent and dries much faster than cotton. Honeycomb is also very suitable for bathroom linen.

Another side (optional) in cotton with or without pattern to make pretty and use its scraps.

The equipment :

ideally a rotary cutter and an adapted cutting board, a patchwork ruler is also ideal but you can simply use scissors and a graduated ruler. Finally, a textile felt pen is useful to trace the marks. You can also use pins or pliers, thread, a needle and a sewing machine.

Sew the wipes on 2 sides:

This is the complete tutorial for sewing the 12x12cm wipes (finished product).

In about 50cm of terry cloth (which is usually 140-150cm wide) you can cut about 30 wipes.

1. The cut.

Mark and cut the squares to the desired size (here 13x13cm including the seam allowance).

We also cut the cotton squares that we want to put on the side N°2.

I will make squares in a Fanfan cotton satin from the exclusive Ikatee collection printed in the Lyon area. I will use Fanfan in marmalade, pink and quetzal green.

and my terrycloth and cotton satin squares are cut!

2. The seam.

We're going to put right sides together a terry cloth square (you put the side you prefer right side up, I always put the softer of the two) and a printed cotton square.

We pin the sides together and then we're going to stitch the sides together leaving an opening (here about 8 to 10cm) so that we can turn the wipe over on its right side. nb: I marked with a textile pen to show you the line of stitching. Start with one or two stitches back and forth to secure the seam. Then you stitch with a straight stitch. At the corners, let the needle stick in the fabric layers, lift the presser foot off the machine, and rotate the work 90° (it pivots 90° around the needle), lower the presser foot and continue to stitch to the end, the end we finish on the 4th side with a few back and forth back and forth stitches.

3. Turn the wipe over

We will clear the corners by bevelling flush with the seam (without cutting the seam). Then we're going to mark the corners with our fingers (see the video).

Finally, we're going to return the work with the wipe's side visible. We'll mark the corners and iron the whole thing.

5. Topstitch the turn.

To finish, we're just going to stitch all the way around the wipe 2mm from the edge (this is called a rib stitch) starting with the side left open until then and then continuing all the way around with a single stitch.

That's it, it's already done in only 3 minutes! Well, I still have 29 wipes left to fill my bathroom cabinet!

Video is in French

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