Tutorial - Making tassels

The tassel is a decorative finish.

It is a more or less long and thick pompom / tassel made of mercerized cotton or wool embroidery threads. It is positioned at the end of the cord (as shown below) or hung on a support (clothing, cushion, ...) with a strap at the top.

You can watch this video (in French only) or find the detailed steps:



Here are the steps to make a tassel yourself:

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as a preamble, you need thick thread; either mercerised cotton embroidery thread or woollen threads and put as many strands of thread as you wish, according to the desired thickness


  1. Take thread, scissors and a square or rectangle of cardboard or any rectangular / square object (or use a tailor's chalk as here)

  2. Place a wire or the end of the strap (or the end of the cord to which the tassel will be attached) astride the template or chalk.

  3. Start winding the embroidery thread around it, holding the tip between your thumb and forefinger.

  4. Continue the turns (about 20 or 30 max depending on the size of the pompom you want...for the model shown, I made 20).

  5. Cut the end of the wire

  6. Tighten the strap cord so that it does not come off.

  7. Cut the wires at the bottom of the box to open.

  8. Remove the cardboard and check that your bottom cut is straight.

  9. Do a few turns with another piece of thread to tighten the fringes just below the top of the pom-pom.

  10. Tie a knot to close.

  11. Thread a needle with a large eye (like a knitting or upholstery needle) through the tassel.

  12. And thread in the eye the threads that have just been knotted to get them into the tassel, downwards.

  13. Pull the threads that are found among the fringes of the tassel.

  14. Cut the "rebellious" threads that may be sticking out.

  15. To decorate, I chose to add a golden touch by wrapping a golden thread around the top of the "tassel".

  16. The same way as before, you finish with a knot and tuck the ends into the tassel with a needle.

  17. Tuck the ends of the cord strap together to form a small tuck. Then fix it with a few sliding stitches that will need to be reinforced because the pompoms will be handled quite a bit later on.



Réaliser des pompons glands

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